Breaking Nintendo DSi News

Gameplayer believe they have got a date for the Nintendo DSi release in Western markets, and a few other pieces of news about the new handheld SKU from Nintendo.

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SlappingOysters3563d ago

I liked the DS Lite, but this DS just doesn't excite me. The extra features don't seem like they'll interpret themselves into better gameplay.

Jerk1203563d ago

Yeah, I mean, no GBA games?

I don't know what Ninty was smoking at the time but I'm damn well sure it was some good sh!t.

White-Sharingan3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

yeah, the change from DS to DSLite was great, but from DSLite to DSi...meh

just give me DS2 please!

I hope sony and nintendo doesnt keep changing its current handheld, I mean...both are already in their third version of the same handheld. Hope both plan on this being the last of their current handhelds and just make a true one.

jay23563d ago

Forcing the rest of the world to wait 8 months for a handheld is stupid and a waste of time.................. Big N, get a move on.