Study: Gran Turismo Makes You Want Cars

In something that probably won't come as a surprise to most Gran Turismo fans, a recent study has shown that driving a vehicle of a particular make in a video game makes the player "50% more likely" to consider purchasing a car from that company in the future.

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Sasanova3537d ago

definitely true....nothing compares to playing GT and picking your all time favorite dream cant wait to play from the interior camera view

cryymoar3537d ago

im gona be picking up a G25 for the full version of this baby.
is $299.99 :]

fishd3537d ago

I don'r want stupid cars,I want my Nurburgring track,damit,waaaaaaahhhh

phosphor1123537d ago

Until I played the GT games, number 1 and 2 didn't do much for me, the 3rd one I started getting into it, by the 4th iteration, I knew how to optimize each of my vehicles for each track, it also helps that GT5 has Top Gear and such to watch.

paul-p19883536d ago

the interior camera is in GT5:Prologue, and its BRILLIANT!! i dont use anything else. You can assign buttons to look left and right, so u just check ur rear view/side mirrors to see whats going on :)

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Lord Anubis3537d ago

In my case it was the Subura WRX / Impreza after i played it on GT2 and i fell in love with it.

Cool Hwhip3537d ago

The realism factor in Gran Turismo is truly remarkable,you can actually "understand" the car you're driving...

Crazyglues3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

I am so in-love with this game I want to buy a Ferrari 430 and 599 in real life....

The game is Epic.. It really has come into it's own with that last update that made it Spec III - the control and feel of the cars is dead on...

All I need now to make GT5p Priceless.. is the Nurburgring track and about three more cars.. the Corvette ZR1 2009 the Nissan 370z 2009 and the Lamborghini LP560-4 Gallardo 2009

and if they have some free time - the Ferrari Enzo and Bugatti Veyron would be nice too.. :)

Graphics Whore3537d ago

Nissan GTR, Prologue made me love this car, I don't think any other car has higher priority on my list than the GTR. Moves like a Porsche, turns like a dream.

WIIIS13537d ago

What an irresponsibly misleading title. The study was based on PGR. So it should say PGR makes you want cars, not GT.

Lord Anubis3537d ago

as if it was only a game that made you want to buy cars. It's called a study and does not apply to simply one game but a genre.

Bladestar3537d ago

@Lord Anubis - exactly... so where does Gran Turismo come from?

I understand saying, "Racing Games makes you want cars.." but explain to me where does Gran Turismo come from? The fact is that Gran Turismo's name should not be anywhere near this. It's misleading.

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The story is too old to be commented.