Infamous is part Gears, Uncharted, GTA and Assassin's Creed

Infamous is the new IP being developed by the geniuses at Sucker Punch Production. The studio has a lot to live up to, coming off the highly successful Sly Cooper franchise. The game looks like a mix between Gears of War, Uncharted, Grand Theft Auto and Assassin's Creed.

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Sasanova3590d ago

definitely a buy for me. i will happily replace RE5 with inFAMOUS.

Timberland2K93590d ago

Im getting Killzone 2 Infamous and Pokemon Platinum Period

WildArmed3590d ago

Agreed. If Infamous is to hit around June like said, Bye bye RE5.
K2 and Halo wars will keep me busy.. oh and so will Fable 2! :D

TOO PAWNED3590d ago

actually deveopler said MAY. Check out one of latest vid interviews on Gspot. Not sure whihc vid cant bother searching for it but i know he said it.

Doppy3589d ago

Great. Just show me more. This is one of the games I'm really looking forward to. i just need to see more to confirm a purchase. Since it's suppose to come out late June I guess we'll have to wait until E3 to see it.

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Sevir043590d ago

i wont replace RE5 because i never planned on getting it in the first place.

Jaces3590d ago

I'm in need of a great multiplayer game so RE5 is staying, haha.

inFamous does look really neat but we'll see how it shapes up...

TheColbertinator3590d ago

The game looks great but I wonder if there will be any music in-game

cayal3590d ago

I'm getting RE5 and Infamous.

I love having a job.

Panthers3590d ago

Here we go with another "it does nothing original" argument. I remember how much people said Uncharted does nothing original.

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