Edge Let's Tap Review: A Disservice to Gamers

Look, Destructoid is not here to say which reviews are right or wrong, and they are not saying that opinions aren't important, but Edge's review of Let's Tap is wrong and the opinions are completely unimportant. With this in mind, they definitely recommend that you ignore the desperate-for-attention, we're-going-to-prove-our-elite-status so-called "review" from Edge that has the entire Internet talking.

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GiantEnemyCrab3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

hah I wonder how many this is going to go over the heads of? My feeling is it will be the ones that this article is talking about.

PS: This is THE definitive next-gen cardboard tapping game! Nothing comes close to it! It is the cardboard tapping killer fans have been waiting for!! =)

Homicide3542d ago

Hahaha. This article is awesome. I wonder if people will get it. Jim rocks!

original seed3541d ago

This is sooo true. Im still getting Killzone just so i have something to play on my PS3 that i cant get on my 360. I wish more people were like Destructoid and Edge. Honest opinions no matter what.

2FootYard3542d ago

That was a nice read and it made a lot sense.

ceedubya93542d ago

Hilarious. Sadly, quite a few people won't see the humor in this. To each his own.

UnwanteDreamz3542d ago

Yeah right....10,000 comedians out of work and they're trying to be funny.

Max Power3542d ago

that was supposed to be a satirical article? You must be a genius to see it. /sarcasm

ceedubya93541d ago

But some people take this console stuff too seriously, and won't just read it, laugh it off (or not), and move on.

rgun3542d ago

Sad... really sad that this is posted on a NEWS site.

Ghyst3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

Only a moron wouldn't understand this article, but that aside. it's a very childish article, and it's not surprising that it's coming from destructoid, all i ever see on that site is all things anti-sony.

But whatever, this isn't going to change anyones mind about the difference between a 7/10-9/10, why have a rating system from professional reviewers if their final assumption about games, and their opinions, can be so widely different as to give games such vastly different scores.

I guess the only thing you can learn from this article is, to actually ignore edge and only listen to sites that have the same taste as games you do, which is contradicting the whole point of the article. Poor writing at it's best. you did it again destructoid! you managed to look like complete childish idiots.

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The story is too old to be commented.