Sackboy action figures coming to stores this Spring

Sackboy is one of the most recognizable video game icons out right now. No wonder that Sony wants to capitalize on the LittleBig-love by releasing new 4" action figures this Spring. In addition to the regular 4" action figures, toy developer and manufacturer, Mezco Toyz, will also release limited-edition Sackboys throughout the year, ranging between 2? and 18? large.

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ThatCanadianGuy3538d ago

If Sony play's their cards right..they could make a pokemon type of hype with LBP.

Start off with a cartoon..some action cards..animated movie.

Shouldn't be that hard.They own movie studios and have television shows already.(check out "The Beast" on A&E by the way..Great show)

But of course.It'll never happen.Sony's Marketing teams are idiots.

bbblockbird3538d ago

dont get me wrong i love sony but LBP is the gayest game i ever seen or heard this crap belongs on the wii with all the other fruity games the wii has

LinuxGuru3538d ago

Dude, you could not be more wrong.

iHEARTboobs3538d ago

Play the damn thing, it wont make you less of a man if you enjoy it.

Ghoul3537d ago

"LBP is the gayest game"

What an incredibly shortminded view.... and i hate people using the word gay as a negative.

cliffbo3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )

i agree. stop using gay in the negative. i have known a lot of gay men and women and all of them were great people. play LBP and stop bashing it. you may well find yourself loving it

cliffbo3537d ago (Edited 3537d ago )


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MelaDarkwood3538d ago

These Sackboy figures are cute, but I'd rather have a plushie. So I'll wait for those. =)

Sangria3537d ago

"The PlayStation.Blog also notes that official Sackboy plushes are also in the works, but more time is needed before they're officially unveiled."

Awesome, can't wait for it !

Godmars2903537d ago

Should have been sooner. At launch.

Later down the line, if not now, they should be giving the option to make plush versions of your own sackboys.

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