Intel Looks to Bring HD Video to Handheld Gadgets

Intel researchers are trying to create small, integrated chips that will be able to run high-definition 1080p video on portable devices, though it could take them five to eight years to do so, a senior Intel engineer said Monday.

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DevilWillCry2893629d ago

i dont see the point of bringing HD to handheld. The only way to see Full HD is through a big screen like 50" and above.

doctorstrange3629d ago

by that time the gadgets will have in built projectors or fold out screens

gumgum993629d ago

Looking forward to it.

If anything, Sony would be the first to do it for its handheld.

Half-Mafia3629d ago

why make us read a pretty exciting bit of news and then say we have to wait 5-8 years.