How does Capcom feel about The Conduit?

Capcom's Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development Christian Svensson has given his opinion about The Conduit.

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swiftshot933539d ago

Metroid prime3 has some of the best art i have ever seen in a videogame. Definitely up there with Shadow of the Colossus.

Danja3539d ago

sorry but can't agree, much I love Metroid Prime's art direction is not in the same league as SOTC...

The Condult is my second most anticipated Wii game this year SEGA is back and will show the Big to make an FPS work on the Wii

ChickeyCantor3539d ago


What do YOU mean with art direction?
The technical aspect isn't really the art. You realise that right?

Cause both look really strong, and personally i think SoTC looked empty at times(bosses were awesome but the depth of field doesn't really add up much to an empty field) while in metroid you keep walking into these details.

I like both of them very much so im not bashing here.

Shnazzyone3539d ago

Did he say that spyborgs is not cancelled? Sneaky how he slipped that in while he comments on the conduit. Way to tack on your products in discussion of other companies products capcom!

Smacktard3539d ago

...They never said it was canceled. In fact, they've said numerous times that it's just being completed revamped, and that they'll be preparing to show it soon.

Gambit073539d ago

Tough question, I'm guessing they think the game sucks and don't want us to buy it.

ChickeyCantor3539d ago

I've said it many times, i would love to see a Metroid prime with this engine(Art direction + Quantum 3 engine....).

Honestly i don't mind the art being like this, they have stated that they took ideas from other games anyway. So its forgivable.

Wonder how spyborgs looks like.

mastiffchild3539d ago

I think you're right Sidar. I love the art direction on all the Prime games(and them being so esoteric after the early 2d games were so primary and bold is class)and of they'd had the engine used for The Conduit with the knowledge at Retro I think MP3 would have been even better(which, for me, is difficult to say as I think it's prolly still my fave Wii game).
Spyborgs os something that Capcom just can't seem to get a handle on but an idea they seem to love as they keep changingit then showing a bit, themn ripping it up, then "re-vamping it" again! Jeez Capcom either make it or don't! And while you're at it do the decent thing and find some NEW Resi love fr Wii owners. After the unqualified success of RE4:Wii edition(best version to me)they know the market and the capability for a great RE5 sidestory is there.

ChickeyCantor3539d ago

Well the fact they are giving it a make over, is actually promising.

Also i believe RE:5 will be ported to the Wii, it just makes sense. The controls just fit for this ACTION based game.

FinalomegaS3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

let's wait and see the reviews and fan feedback. ahh that's what I was thinking.

"How does Capcom feel about The Conduit?"

Capcom isn't known for FPS, why ask them that sort of question? Maybe they should of asked "what do you think about Madwolrd" it has a Viewtiful Joe type cell thing going on minus color of course.

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