OXM: Brütal Legend Preview

Tim Schafer - the game designer known for funny cult hits like Psychonauts, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle as much as his goatee and mischievous grin - is sitting in the San Francisco offices of Double Fine, paging through Heavy Metal Thunder, a paperback collection of rock-album artwork. He's randomly discovered the cover image of Massive Killing Capacity, the third album by Swedish death-metallers Dismember. Backlit by an orange glow, a hulking armored mech suit with missiles for tusks and a chainsaw in each hand belches fire out of tubes on its back, lumbering forward on a battlefield littered with human remains. It's as laughable as it is lethal.

"I mean, come on," says Schafer enthusiastically. "How can you not make a videogame about that?"

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