Official Map Pack: More Nazi Undead Coming To World At War

Kotaku writes: "You like shooting zombies. You love shooting Nazis. It's the first-person shooter equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate, more of which you're getting in the upcoming Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack."

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Liquid Snake3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

This better be free. (99% sure it wont be tho).

I am still pissed off at Treyarch for wiping my solo campaign, death cards and weopon presets (multiplayer stats are fine tho). They have done it twice due to double XP weekends. Heaps of other people have this problem on the COD forums. Until they fix my solo campaign i'm not buying sh!t from these lousy developers.

Also Nazi Zombies doesnt work (PS3) even tho there is 4000+ playing it. It always stays on "awaiting more players". Heaps of people on the COD forums have this problem aswell. Some nerve Activision would have, if they charged us for this map pack.

Infinity Ward FTW.

Having ranted all that i still love COD: WAW multiplayer.

king dong3627d ago

i played the campaign on veteran lol, unbelievable! magnetised grenades that rain down with pin-point accuracy even through smoke! marksmen enemies, respawning enemies, so no matter how many you kill, there will still be same number you started with 5mins ago. oh and not forgetting the horrible collision detection....where you have to lean out 3 feet from the crate your hiding behind because of the invisble barriers blocking the bullets. great job treyarch!

and the multi-player is a joke! i dont even want to star ranting about this mode. the only saving grace was the zombie nazi mode. and after trading cod5 within a week, i wont be picking it up again just for that...cod4 slaughters this game on so many fronts is beyond a joke! how treyarch could've been pleased with the result i'll never know!

BattleAxe3627d ago

Looking forward to some CoD: WaW DLC. As far as CoD 4 goes, I love that game too, but there seems to be alot more connectivity problems with it . In CoD4 the host is always ending the game and everyones connection strength is alot of times fluctuating or really poor. CoD: WaW while not perfect, is more stable then CoD4 (PS3).

GrieverSoul3627d ago

@1.2 Battle Axe

That probably due to your connection.
I usually get to be the host since i have a good connection and dont usually run in to this problem. Host connection issues appear when host is from America and you are in Europe, or vice versa.

Does CoD. WW have a worldwide server?
I dunno, I dindt like it and sold it after obtaining my platinum. Took me a week! :p

BattleAxe3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

@ Grieversoul

The difference for me and other people I know is night and day as far as connection to the servers goes. I don't experience half the problems on CoD: WaW as I do on CoD 4. I used to play CoD 4 alot. I've got about 13 days worth of hours on CoD 4.

The other issue with CoD 4 is the "Host " ending the game. It happens way way too much on Cod 4. Play CoD: WaW for a while and you'll see what I mean.

How can you comment on the difference between the 2 games if you only had it for a week? I've got around 100 hours playing time on CoD: WaW(Online)

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thebudgetgamer3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

just wondering


cool thanks liquid

Liquid Snake3628d ago

yeah i would. Despite its flaws its a pretty good game, i love its multiplayer. When Modern Warfare 2 comes out, you can trade in World at War for it.

GamerPS3603627d ago

I would not since KZ2 is right around the corner. I brought this game when it came out. It doesn't worth 60 bucks.

caffman3627d ago

it is a good game and online is great!

killzone2flop3627d ago

I would recommend World At War to anyone over KillZone 2 and the Zombie mod is so crazy.

digger183627d ago

Yeah I like World at War, but I also can play Killzone 2 and you can't.

goflyakite3627d ago

I just sold my copy to a friend.

KZ2 is almost here.

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