Opinion: Chrono Trigger, the greatest RPG of all time

Gamertell has posted an opinion piece that declares the SNES game Chrono Trigger the greatest role-playing game of all time.

From the article;

"What makes this game so great is that has every element you would want in an RPG. It was never really that difficult. There are a few bosses that will give you trouble, like the dreaded Golem Twins, but all you had to do was go up a couple levels and come well prepared with healing items and you would be fine. There was very little level grinding, which is something I hate in a game."

There are, of course, many more reasons offered in the article.

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Kamikaze1353540d ago

I see this is now becoming a blog site....

Wildarmsjecht3540d ago

Nah sorry, that belongs to Wild Arms..
IMO of course.

Chris3993540d ago

I've actually been watching the WA: Twilight Venom anime for the past week or so. It's quite funny if you've never seen it before, and pays decent homage to the series.

Still have to finish WA: Crossfire. Really solid game; great storytelling, production and soundtrack. I'm booking a week off of work when Wild Arms PS3 comes out (I suspect it's one of the '5 internal' rpgs Shuhei Yoshida was talking about).

Anyhoo, I'm a Wild Arms nut. Easily my favorite RPG series of all time.

Oh, and sorta on topic, paying full price for a 14 year old port (Chrono Trigger) is a rip-off no matter how you look at it.

People can call it 'nostalgic' all they want, but it's the laziest porting I've seen this gen.

swiftshot933540d ago

and i cant think of an rpg thats better. Im trying to, and I want there to be a better one, that shows the industry is moving forward, but i honestly cant.