Kent State gives students a Second Life in the classroom

Gamertell is reporting that the latest issue of the Kent State University alumni magazine has a cover story that focuses on two professors' use of Second Life.

One uses it to teach in a virtual classroom while the other uses it to give live theatrical performances.

From the article:

"Although a feature story about Second Life might seem, 'Like, so two years ago,' this is a prime example of how video games can be used to contribute to society and bring together a world community.

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CrayzeeCarl3563d ago

At The University of Cincinnati: College of Applied Science, we used Second Life in our "Special Topics in Web Development" course. The main goal of the course was to research the benefits and usefulness of using something like Second Life for teaching or to otherwise enhance our education experience through collaboration.

The consensus between our class was that the ideas were nice, just not really practical for anything other than doing actual development work in Second Life. If someone has access to Second Life, they most likely also have access to NetMeeting or something similar.