IGN: Who's Still Playing Older PS3 MP Games?

Arguably, the biggest step the PlayStation brand took moving into the HD era was including an actual honest-to-goodness online framework. While games existed with online play on the Deuce, the Triple actually offers a complete set of online features, many of which are growing and changing as the system matures with firmware updates. IGN is not quite ready to call it on par with what the 360 has to offer, but it's getting there (albeit veeeery slowly, and bits at a time); Trophies, dedicated servers and a fairly large pool of players means that, if nothing else, there's certainly motivation for PS3 owners to go online.

With that in mind, IGN wondered if some of the older games would still have an active online community.

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user94220773565d ago

Hell fcking yes. I still am, Every game I buy for PS3, I play it every other day. Like Warhawk, that game still rocks with the new maps and hawking with some N4G members. PS3 Games still going strong!

TheHater3565d ago

I still play Warhawk a couple of times a month. But I haven't touch Resistance Fall of Man for about 6 weeks now.

legendkilla3565d ago

i still play Warhawk and Gt5 P online and resistance once in a while

PoSTedUP3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

i play all my games online mostly.

warkawk is the oldest one that i still play, that game is so intence and fun its still one of the best MP games this gen.

games i play online.

Motorstorm PR
[email protected]
burnout paradise
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Diugu3565d ago

I play that game on a daily basis... that game is one of my favorites this gen. It rocks.

pswi603565d ago

i still play warhawk all the time. the booster packs are sweet.

jwatt3565d ago

Yea I was supposed to play Warhawk with a couple of friends tonight but I usually just play Socom instead. They love Warhawk alot more than I do but im loving Socom right now.

Blitzed3565d ago

I still play Warhawk all the time. Great game.

I just wish they would stop messing with the Falling Star servers.

Doppy3565d ago

Warhawk is probably the best online experience on the PS3 or 360 for that matter at least to me. I NEVER get tired of it, and I haven't even bought the DLC that goes to show how good of an experience Warhawk is, and I truly hope they do bring Warhawk 2 out this year or next year like the rumors have been saying.

Random_Gumby3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Hey i wanna duke it out with some of you N4G peeps!!!! Add me: JORTEXX.

In WARHAWK dm that is!!!

INehalemEXI3565d ago

It is one of the greatest of all time.

olivia3565d ago

i play warhawk every single day ,i think i'am addicted.oh i play the killzone 2 demo alot too

BkaY3565d ago

but i play tekken online as well
heavenly sword

thts all ..... but warhawk is the best ....

add me psn :: kaka-sipai

ThatOneGuyThere3565d ago

Is probably the best online game right now on consoles. Just because every area of combat is fun, be it vehicles, planes, or on foot. It's like Battlefield :). I just wish they would give everyone all of the expansions. I have all of them, and I wouldn't feel ripped off if everyone else got them for free now.

SublimingMass3565d ago

i move on to new games fairly quickly, i would still be playing COD:MW but the game was seriously laggy (have brought COD:WaW), i didn't like warhawk as much as some people here, not a bad game but i'm more of a rushing type player (i suck at big games on R2, fairly good at small games)

it's great that lot's of people still play the old games but i like to play something refreshing and i still think single player is the way to go. i just get more involved in the story and characters and have a more enjoyable experience than doing the same thing over and over, very few games in multiplayer keep interested (R1 did, COD:MW did, Perfect Dark Zero did)

bring on more single player goodness UNCHARTED 2 HELL YES AND ME2

ThanatosDMC3565d ago

Warhawk still has dedicated servers and also for those that didnt know you can use your own PS3s as dedicated servers for the game. But with my internet i can only host upto 12 with no lag. Though unless someone screws up my connection... it'll go to the next guy that can serve 12 people.

That arguement was for those that argued P2P > Dedicated... i just remembered it.

nix3565d ago

that game is too chaotic and fun. 16x16 is amazing. you dont know who'll kill you next and when you'll be killed and how you'll be killed. i hate snipers. i hate those who use binos too. actually i hate everyone who kills me! lol...

but if you want to take revenge and all then 10x10 or 8x8 should do it. it's much calmer and you know where most of your enemies are. i hate smaller maps though

sometimes i just give up and just stare because there's so much of chaos... lol. flying planes is even better and equally dangerous. everyone wants to kill you. if you don't know how to dodge missiles then you might as well not even fly the darn planes. everybody loves to down a plane. there's no "mercy" in warhawk.

awesome game!

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Liquid Snake3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I still play Warhawk, 10's and thousands of people still play.

Ever since i ranked to Chief Sergeant, i keep getting owned. (cant go on newbie servers anymore)

My guestamite is about 8000-15000 people are on at one time.

GrandTheftZamboni3565d ago

That was bad for my confidence, but I got better. Still getting owned on a regular basis by Texas Bobcat, Barbie Girl, Manila Girl $#[email protected] I hope those latter two are real girls, otherwise it would be even weirder.

Bought a Haze and Lair recently to check it out. Also, played RFOM after finishing R2.

BkaY3565d ago

im stuck with some ribbon to get to the next rank ... like get some killing in plane.... and i hate it ... im true ground troop....

i use planes for quick transport though.....lolz..

i play it every weekend friday night and sat night till 4 or 5 in the morning... there are couple of good players under Sargent rank....

moma_cash, jenzon (hope its the right name).... we always got the top 3 positions.... and i got the most kills almost everytime....

real good fun

peace and keep on gaming

ps : add me psn: kaka-sipai

ThatOneGuyThere3565d ago

I have been putting up dedicated dog fight servers overnight and it's really quite awesome to wake up in the morning and see how many games were played on your server while you were asleep. More people need to host dogfight servers though! Not just me! :)

Rich16313565d ago

Are the Motorstorm servers really offline like the article says? I find that hard to believe.

LeonSKennedy4Life3565d ago

They were just getting updated.

It's IGN... you think any actual "research" goes on at that place?

Rich16313565d ago

Okay, thanks for the info. I was just wondering. I had a feeling that info was wrong, as I don't see Sony shutting down a game that hasn't even been out 2 years.

DelbertGrady3565d ago

There were some obscure titles in there. Fatal Inertia and Turok for example. I doubt the 360 versions has more online activity for titles like that.

Shaka2K63565d ago

Whats next? DVDbox 3rd60 has better graphics then PS3? Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

The gaming GOD3565d ago

Are the ones that have had sequels come out. Like Resistance 1 and Motorstorm 1 servers might not be that full anymore since sequels to both of those games came out