Shadow Wireless Controller for PS3

Neowin stated in a past review that people prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the PS3's Dualshock. While this statement is controversial in regards to the fact it will always be up for debate and comes down to personal preference.

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Why dis5339d ago

I getting that the design is way better than the dualshock3

sanamsingh5339d ago

has always been the pinnacle of console controllers. Hell, its even the most recognized and widley used concept when it comes to video game controllers.

cryymoar5339d ago

Microsoft even used it on one of their ads.

ambientFLIER5338d ago

1: That's not a PS3 controller. It's a pc pad.
2: Being widely recognized does not make it any good, sadly.

Arnon5338d ago (Edited 5338d ago )

Warning: Extreme Language


Stationfan5339d ago

I wonder if that d-pad has its limits like 360 one

Filet of Children5339d ago

I doubt it's as bad as the 360 one... It's at least got a decent shape to it. Not as good as the standard dual-shock, but probably serviceable.

Karum5339d ago (Edited 5339d ago )

I like how the 360 controller feels, it's pretty comfortable but at the same time I have no problem with the PS3 controller, certainly not enough to spend the money on this thing.

Besides I llike the fact that the PS3 controller uses bluetooth and I can turn it on with the PS button not to mention the sixaxis controls are nice in some games.

This is certainly a nice alternative for anyone who feels like getting one.