Voice Chat to Return to PS Home . . . Someday

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:
TedTheDog revealed a few tidbits regarding PlayStation Home's voice chat features. At the moment, voice chat has been disabled for all public areas and is only available in user-owned areas.

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Sasanova3538d ago

well voice chat used to be available only to people around you, about 2 meters radius but most people dont know u can press start and go to your phone and call your friend, and stay on the phone as you walk around anywhere, from different rooms to different worlds. so it isnt that bad

3538d ago
DA_SHREDDER3538d ago

I think it was horrible to take it out. Sure, some people are annoying, but you do have the option to mute them forever. I totally erased home of my ps3 because of this move. Its really annoying.

Sangria3538d ago

I was pretty pissed when they took off the voice chat. Of course, i understood that decision, nobody want to hear some saturated music, idiots talking loud or being very vulgar, but i think voice chat was a key feature to Home as the ultimate virtual meeting place.

So i hope they will indeed bring it back, but first fix that problem with the HQ mode of the official Playstation headset.

pimp6143538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

it's like they taking more stuff away from home then adding stuff. So all they doing is downgrading home. They better step their game up or home will fail.

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