Fudzilla - Review: Sapphire's Ultimate HD4670 512MB GDDR3 tested

Fudzilla: "Back when the HD 4670 was launched, Sapphire was the first company whose cards we've found in retail, and so far, Sapphire managed to launch a couple of cards, one of which is passively cooled. Everyone had high expectations for the HD 4670, especially after rave reviews the HD 4800 generation has received. It was priced at $79/69 Euro, and the price hasn't changed since.

This card is based on the same architecture as the already famous HD 4870/HD 4850 cards, but it's aimed at a lower segment, for those seeking for a sub-100 Euro card. The new architecture brought about a couple of improvements over the previous generation, most notably bad antialiasing gaming performance."

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