Another week, another record for Blu-ray

Another week, another record for Blu-ray on the Nielsen VideoScan charts courtesy of Home Media Magazine. The big news here is that after the holidays Blu-ray seems to be getting stronger and stronger when you compare the amount of money spent vs DVD.

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GWAVE4310d ago

Do I even need to make the usual snide comment?

*sigh* Here it goes:

"Bu...bu...bu...but Blu Ray is DOOOOMED!"

Hah. Suck it, haters.

MNicholas4310d ago

It has the full backing of movie studios and hardware companies. DVD won't disappear overnight. Just like VHS, it will hang around for a very long time. However, once Blu-Ray has a large enough installed base the movie studios will stop publishing new releases in DVD.

It will probably be atleast three or four more years before that happens. As for VOD, the content and infrastructure won't be there for a very long time.

eagle214310d ago

"That which doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"

Blu-ray is stronger than ever......haters are weak. :)

Marceles4310d ago

buh buh digital distribution...buh the future...buh zzzzzz

Owned yet again

IzKyD13314309d ago

But teh DVD is good enoughs!!!!!

(You knew this was coming, every blu ray article has about a dozen of these comments lol)

cryymoar4309d ago

"i can haz compresd sub parr HD quality frm netfliks?"

SL1M DADDY4309d ago

I second that.

Suck it haters! lol

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida4310d ago

LMAO The xbots are getting killzowned with the Killzone 2 reviews and these bd sales charts.Their tears and frustration make each day in 2009 sensational.

XxZxX4310d ago

XBOTs got killzowned and BDowned left and right.

Obama4309d ago

Remember the time they were all jumping up and down when Universal is going HD-DVD exclusive? They were saying how blu-ray and ps3 are going to fail, and guess who won in the end?

Arnon4309d ago

You 4 realize that no one gives a rats ass about blu-ray sales correct? It's like caring about how well a movie sells on day one.. what the eff is the point. Tell me when a 360 fan said they cared about how Blu-Ray did after HD-DVD.

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Myst4310d ago

Good for the Blu ray disc, speaking of Blu ray I should probably pick up a few titles next pay day...

SynGamer4310d ago

Like any economic downturn, people invest in home entertainment...and after seeing how good Blu--ray looks on an HDTV, it's hard to go back to DVD.

Simon_Brezhnev4310d ago

yeah it really is showed my homeboy how bluray look he was like how much lcd tvs cost and ima get a ps3 lol

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The story is too old to be commented.