Nintendo: 'Nintendo Power' No Longer The Best Way To Reach Nintendo Fans

The latest person to dismiss the relevance of print publications for gamers is none other than Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who recently gave his thoughts on the fate of Nintendo Power.

If you're looking for a reason why Nintendo relinquished control of the long-loved Nintendo Power magazine a little over a year ago, you can get no one better to talk about it than Nintendo's president, Satoru Iwata.

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TheColbertinator3542d ago

"Now we have a much higher frequency of connecting with consumers online than traditional print publications. Online also has an advantage with lower cost and speed. As so many media are shifting from print to online, we also wanted to shift how we primarily connect with our consumers, and going from our paper publication, Nintendo Power, to online as the center of our message delivery efforts to our consumers. Part of the team that moved to New York included Nintendo’s web content team, and they are working with an increased number of staff."

Nintendo should have been doing this years ago during the Wii launch.Friend codes also intrude in the online community of Nintendo not to mention the lack of a hard drive which could capitalize on basic features like online demos for Wii games.

I don't think Nintendo agrees with this however.They make too much money to care on what the competition does

deno3542d ago

As a Radical sega fanboy, I still collect sega dreamcast magazines. Hopefully we will have magazines around. Mr. Colbert I know you bleed blue, such as myself.

fossilfern3542d ago

Or more like Nintendo power would be full of stupid mini game reviews and previews because nintendo have turned their back on their core fans. I think that makes more sense

TheROsingleB3542d ago

I have that Issue in the pic, use to subscribe many many years ago, the Zelda 1 overworld poster was awesome :D

Darkfocus3541d ago

ya they used to have fantastic guides and artwork back in NES and SNES days