Poll: How much are you playing 360?

Microsoft's sophmore console effort has been out for 15 months now, and wants to know:

How much are you playing 360?

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THAMMER14430d ago

360 is fun. But I wonder how this will look after people start abusing it.

DC RID3R4429d ago

the 360 is the focal point of my entertainment center, even if I get a PS3 I just can't see the situation changing.

with U.S marines, heat-holders, yakuzas, friends and family in my squad (friends list), I'm connected from all angles accross the globe, and Xbox Live is unquestionably, the TOP online gaming service.

I'm sure the Ps3 will be entertaining (just like the wii), but the 360 is my console of choice.

BIadestarX4430d ago

wow! That a great difference compared to the other 2 consoles polls.

TheMART4430d ago

And it's like that. If I see al the consoles and gaming systems I have owned it's much, much more.

Especially because of Live!

If I only compare it to last gen... OMG I played the original XBOX already often, but the 360 I play about every night if I get the chance. And if I can't (like the last two nights) I really have the urge to play it again... Which I will in some minutes. It's better then watching TV. The polls show it, 360 is the way gaming needs to go

Arkham4430d ago (Edited 4430d ago )

When was the last time you saw sunlight? Trees? Real people? ;)

Actually I won't joke. With all the snow here recently I try to pretend the outside world doesn't exist too.

eques judicii4430d ago

basically either you own a 360 thats all you play (or at least what you play the most) or you don't own one yet.

PS360PCROCKS4430d ago

See maybe i'm weird, I go on spurts where I play it a ton or a go on spurts where I don't touch it...but than again my ps2 has my attention because god of war 1 and 2 and Guitar Hero and LP annoys me so I cant really play it anymore

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The story is too old to be commented.