The #1 360 Exclusive for the PS3 is… writes: "Gears of War. Fable. Forza. Mass Effect. Banjo-Kazooie. Perhaps, even Halo? There's a fine line observed by every PS3 fan, myself included, over what games deserve to remain on the 360 and which ones would be best suited for multi-platform support. Developer desires, budget and profit constraints and moreover, the rights to the intellectual properties often contribute to what stays exclusive. But the #1 360 exclusive that should be and could be on the PS3 - which returns a staggering 1,260,000 million links in regards to its exclusivity?"

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Llort3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Left 4 Dead only sold 1.8 million on Xbox 360 that's what you call a FLOP IN SALES.


Xbox Gamers are all pedophiles and beastiality raping extremists.

Pennywise3565d ago

It was 1.8mil between Xbox and PC not including Steam sales.

shadowghost7523565d ago

wow that was quite an outburst

Gue13565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

So true Llort. The bots are a disgrace for the gaming community.

I'm just joking BTW

heyheyhey3565d ago

1.8 is an excellent sales figure.. shut the fvck up Nasim

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3565d ago

"Gabe Newell is probably begging SONY PLEASE, PLEASE MORE PIES!!!, I'LL DO IT FOR PIES!!!" ;-D

None of them i want really. Happy with the PS3 games i got and that are coming thank you very much... ;-P

360_Rules3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

More like Sony fanboys begging gabe to make L4D on the PS3. Hahahaha go buy a great console if you like to play TF2 and L4D on a console.
Sorry but no L4D on the PS3 because of the lack of Ram.

cryymoar3564d ago

my fellow PS3 mates will certainly love this one.

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ape0073565d ago

the best 360 exclusive imo is gears of war 2

am really waiting for alan wake,that game looks unique

banjo kazooei sucked,just play the XBLA arcade n64 classic to see how much the new one sucked

rare,you disappointed me,pdz,cameo,viva,banjo.all of them sucked imo

chaosatom3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

The ones that I predict Will eventually come to ps3 are Mass effect, left 4 dead, and half-life 3.
Fable, Forza, and Halo have always been on 360 and I don't expect them to change.

AND ONCE Valve realizes that they are losing so much money by not making games on Ps3, then they will start sucking up to ps3 owners. I mean Why not?

It's not like Microsoft is paying them, or that Ps3 doesn't sell (because it does). The initial Cost is like next to nothing since Sony has like 21 ps3 owners. They can easily make it up.

There will always be whiners. Nothing can be done about that.

I Don't Think I can Agree with the Article more. Gabe and Valve are Stupid and have no economic sense.

PixlSheX3565d ago

If it comes to the PS3....... do I have to say any more?

CaseyRyback_CPO3565d ago

In no order:

Just Cause
Lost Odyssey

Danja3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

lol...someone needs to get of the house more often

Danja3565d ago

well having L4D on the PS3 would be pretty cool...but Mass Effect would be more appreciated than L4D any day

Jinxstar3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

To me it would have to be bajno only because the rest of the list, minus halo(Not a fan) will be on PC eventually...

caladbolg7773565d ago

I'm content with my PC version of Left4Dead.

Tony P3565d ago

This kind of backlash is all Newell's fault. I wish he could have just shut up for three seconds and let his team continue to make their admittedly good multiplayer games with some quiet dignity.

Really, the only game I'd want on PS3 is Mass Effect. And yes, I'd want it larger than a 360 DVD-9 can hold. Not bashing, it's just blu-ray holds more and I'd want the devs to take advantage of that. I'd get a bigger game with more content and I'm sorry if that makes me seem Sony sympathetic.

Sitdown3565d ago

I thought that Kameo and Viva Pinata were great titles....I would be interested to hear why you think they sucked.

Arnon3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Favorite 360 exclusives:

-Gears of War Series
-Ninja Gaiden 2
-Tales of Vesperia
-Lost Odyssey
-Fable 2
-Halo Series
-Left 4 Dead
-Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (Severely Underrated. Pure fun)
-Forza Motorsport 2
-Mass Effect
-A Megaton of XBLA Games

In all honesty.. I hate the term exclusive, because I wish all games could be played by everyone. The sad part is, is that it wont happen =/

hippo243565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


Im sorry your argument is a little off kilter, because that can be said about ANY exclusive, not just a 360 or pc version, and is simply not true.

You see companies aren't LOOSING money if they dont develop for a platform, because while saying a multiplatform game sold x amount of copies more then a single platform game, the amount of MONEY they make off the product is proportional to how much they spent to make the game. And when we are dealing with such different systems as the PS3 and the 360, the cost to develop two equally high quality games is quite a substantial amount.

People also often forget that you have to pay SONY/Microsoft a large sum in order to produce software for their system, and if you are developing for two companies you have to pay twice the royalties. So I see very little reason why an exclusive would not want to stay an exclusive, unless a company or publisher foots the bill. This is also another aspect, because many publishers or developers have agreements or contracts with sony or microsoft, so until the demands of one company are met, then they cant very well start producing for another company. The only exception to this rule is developers that already have the infrastructure to develop for the opposite platform, these are companies that have more then one project and may already have the rights and infrastructure to develop for another platform. Alternatively the producer can work in tandem with the developer in order to produce the same result(this is normally avoided for copyright and legal reasons over who actually OWNS the product, and where the money will go)

So companies like gorilla, bungie and valve aren't going to develop for another platform because its hard to justify spending another the millions necessary to go multiplatform, when they can make just as much income buy cutting production in half and working out an agreement with Microsoft or sony. Also going to multiplat is risky because alot is at steak, so while your PC version may sell well, if you Ps3 or Xbox version is a flop then you may have made very little money overall.

Sheikh Yerbouti3565d ago

Mass Effect is the game I want on my PS3. I've played through Gears, and while it is great fun, it doesn't sell the 360 for me.

Two things I look forward in a system is some combination of graphics, physics/AI, open world and most of all story. For PS3, that is anything Metal Gear for me. For the 360, it is Mass Effect.

I've been jealous of Mass Effect 360 owners, and I have been encouraging my 360 friends to buy it so I can play it over their houses.

I think zombies are overused and cliche, so I don't care about L4D.

Marquis_de_Sade3565d ago

Metal gear solid is a great game, but good physics? No... AI? Passable, set in stone patrols for the most part. I wouldn't say it's an 'open world' game as such either. It does though, have fantastic graphics.

Jamegohanssj53565d ago

I just want Ninja Gaiden II. I will just get a high end PC for Alan Wake.


Raz3564d ago

Yeah, but the fee for a PS3 dev-kit is currently 10,000.
Even poor games tend to sell at least 100k, and compared to the millions spent in actual development of the game it's chump change.

And while some re-coding would have to be done to accommodate a new infrastructure, the game's already *there* - it just has to get tweaked. Look at Bioshock. If it's a good game, the potential sales far outweigh the minor overhauls and fees required.

Is it 'lost revenue' if they don't do it?'s lost POTENTIAL revenue, which is almost as bad (and maybe worse, in a way; because something could have been done about it). Timed exclusives are the best way to get around licensing arrangements.

pain777pas3564d ago

Best 360 eclusives:
Gears 1 and 2
Mass Effect

Jinxstar3564d ago

@ Pain

Those are on PC though... Gears 2 not yet but it will be...

hippo243564d ago


I was under the impression that a license to develop a game was something worked out personally with the game company, and if your talking about development "kits", they are tools to design the software and to aid you in making the game, not allowing you to distribute it (they are also for one person not the entire dev team). This is normally determined by the caliber of the game or previous agreements with the company, like a PS3 or xbox exclusive may get a slight downgrade as incentive. There are also development "Kits" for the xbox xna, Wiiware, and psn but these development kits cost even less and are for personal use only, so if I have 10 people working on one game I have to sink 10,000 into each worker in order to have him use it. This does not even include the actual License to produce games, so you must pay for a license and for the tools(though the tools have gone substantially down in price)

You understand that when you say "And while some re-coding would have to be done" you seem to be putting "some" very mildly.
In order to have a PC game work on a PS3 you need to rewrite almost the entire program and rework many aspect in order to accommodate the new system. Its not just a few changes here and there, its a total conversion for every line.
and while the actual game is laid out, and while the game itself may be much less expensive then its port, Its still an incredibly substantial amount of work.

No I can say very definitively that Loosing money is much worse then simply not making as much as you could have. So while a company may spend extra time and money to make another port they may not simply have enough money to make a single port game look as good as it could have, and it sells badly. Then the percentage of increase for there company is very low. While the same developer may only release a single port game and receive a much higher percentage of income, even though he may have sold less units.
Haze was a great example of this, haze was in development for all platforms and had all the rights and software to do so, unfortunately the production cost rose to high and the game was lacking quality, so the developer cut their looses and concentrated on the furthest along PS3 version. The attempt to spread into more then one market was to costly and the result was a bad product, and haze went on to have mediocre sales figures because of it.

majorsuave3564d ago

I own a 360 and I prefer L4D, or any shooter for that matter, on the PC.

ThanatosDMC3564d ago

L4D is on PC. Also, DLC wont be charged. What was the point of the article?

Oh yeah, survival mod for L4D is awesome. No breaks against zombies and uniques keep attacking. Normally everybody dies when the tank shows up. Tons of pipebomb and molotovs in the center of the map that looks like an up hill bunker.

aaron58293564d ago

Mass Effect come to the ps3 :)

AAACE53564d ago

Is there finally a game for 360 that Ps3 fans want? Could fanboyism as we know it be dying? Is this the first step towards a 1 console future?

The world may never know!

I do have to agree with the first guy up top. I bought Gears 2 on day 1, but just recently got to play through it. I never really thought too highly of Gears, but I do have to say that this game was great from beginning to end! The only thing I didn't like was how easy the final boss was to kill. But the graphics were beautiful and looked extremely close to the concept art. The story was actually pretty good. And I really like the multiplayer parts now.

SaiyanFury3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

It would be interesting but I doubt it'd happen. Gabe Newell doesn't like the PS3 or PS3 owners as I guess we're not good enough to get his game.

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Gue13565d ago

L4D is a fun game but the novelty of the 4p gets old fast and that's the only aspect that makes the game shine. Pretty overrated like all the other X360 games.

goflyakite3565d ago

I actually played L4D a couple weeks ago, the online was really fun.
I was surprised.
I liked L4D better then GeoW2, but I only played both for a short period of time. So it might be I just need to put more time into Gears.

ftwps33565d ago

really i thought gears of war 1 and 2 were nothing that great, I mean they were good but not that good.

But L4D was amazing and has seen quite the amount of usage on my xbox, I really wish it would come to the PS3 so I could play with my PSN buddies.

I guess its just personal preference, I liked killing zombies and cursing at the AI director, but maybe you didn't ohh well.

GWAVE3565d ago

I only want Left 4 Dead on the PS3 if they add a ton of new content and improve the graphics to match the multiplayer games currently on the PS3. As it stands, I played it, I enjoyed it, but I'm done with it. The severe lack of content (not to mention the fact that you can't even play all of the campaigns in Versus mode) is to blame for that.

JHUX3565d ago

This spring sometime they will be updating l4d with some DLC that will make all 4 campaigns available on verses, and add a survival mode (hoping it's kind of like a dawn of the dead mall type deal, but you know... it's basically a survival mode already so it will be interesting to see what they do).

This will be DLC for PC though, I am not sure about 360 owners since valve won't charge for it, microsoft probably wont allow them to give it to 360 owners.

ftwps33565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

I think your asking for a little much.
If you really want extra content that badly you can always get it for PC, the system req aren't to steep.

shadowghost7523565d ago

i aint fussed about for left 4 dead, we are getting dead rising 2 so left 4 dead can go take a running jump

Marquis_de_Sade3565d ago

L4D and Dead Rising are only similar in that they both feature zombies.

ftwps33565d ago

have you played either?
I mean really, I guess killzone and crackdown are the same thing too, because they both have guns in them.
No I want L4D for PS3 and I want Dead Rising too.
Im greedy and its unlikely but thats what I want.