35 tips and tricks to speed up your Vista PC

No matter how you look at it, a PC never feels fast enough, and when it comes to Vista, everything seems to take too long.

Copying files, searching for documents, connecting to a wireless network and waiting for it to start are all frustrating.

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Graphics Whore3539d ago

The only tip you need:

'Downgrade' to XP, Update to Window 7.

jromao3539d ago

And "Hasta la VISTA".

Trebius3539d ago

U beat me to it...just downgrade to XP...leave it at that. Bubbles!

Great minds think alike. ^^

drewdrakes3539d ago

Or use vista. but thats if you arent stupid. I do, however, count on most of you installing vista on systems that cant run it. Yes you people with the pentium 4's. tards.


Dont try to run Vista with 4 MegaBytes RAM

My 2GB ddr3 runs blindingly fast.

Lets stop jumping on the Vista hate bandwagon people, it's come a long way since release. No problems for me.

edgeofblade3539d ago

It's not that people hate Vista. They hate Microsoft. So, no matter how much Vista improves, it will still say Microsoft on the box.

As soon as the slightest problem hits with Windows 7, the Microsoft hating will start all over again with arrogant Linux nuts thinking the "advice" they deliver is clever.

ezcex3539d ago

umm no its not that, its we shouldn't need 2gb of DDR3 ram to run a fvcking OPERATING SYSTEM. Thats right, just an OPERATING SYSTEM.

lokiroo4203539d ago

Way to teach the children a little lesson lil krazzie, maybe they get it now.

drewdrakes3539d ago

lil_krazzie: If you cant afford 2GB of ram then I feel sorry for you.

But i guess youd prefer an operating system that DOESNT use your ram to the fullest and uses a swap disk. Brilliant thinking.

DJ3539d ago

And I'm still running out of memory, simply because Vista eats up 1.2 GB on its own. I do a ton of 3D rendering, and in the end Vista's costing me money since it allocates so much memory to itself.

drewdrakes3539d ago

Well then theres something wrong with your computer buddy. I use 3ds max and XNA all the time and never have that problem with 2GB of ram. Do you have a decent video card?

Please dont tell me your graphics card is intel or integrated.

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lost23539d ago

swicth to Linux or Mac OSx

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The story is too old to be commented.