Killzone 2 Gameplay Video From Gottacon

While speaking at the Gottacon Gaming Convention in Victoria B.C. Gareth Von Kallenbach of Skewed and Reviewed shot some footage of the pending Killzone 2 being played at the Playstation 3 booth.

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PixlSheX3541d ago

I think this is the 60 time i play it.
I can't wait any more :'C :'C :'C :'C

bassturd3541d ago (Edited 3541d ago )

ya...I'm pulling my hair out from frustration waiting for this game.

Probably get Street Fighter 4 next week to tide me over till it comes out. Plus SF4 looks why not.

disagree huh...guess someone doesn't like Street Fighter :o

Traveler3541d ago

I know. I am amazed how many times I can play the demo and not get bored. For a demo this short it has a lot to keep you coming back for more.

This is why I am nearly certain that the full game will have a lot of longevity.

Blitzed3541d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Its a 10 minute demo that I cant stop playing!

olivia3541d ago

now why cant ever reviewer state what he said about the graphics.i mean i have a high end sony brivia full hd tv and the graphics in the killzone 2 demo looks so close the real life at times i had to blink and rub my eyes,some time scream out loud because of the high level of excited overflowing out of my head and out of my eye' me i seen the graphics of gears 1 and 2 in hd they are pretty no doubt,and i also seen crysis on my friend high end computer, but truth be told killzone 2 on the right tv rapes gears series and top crysis even on high because of superior animation and effects.for a 400 dollar ps3 to produce these graphics in just 3 years of it's life cycle is amazing .for a full review check me out at

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Shaka2K63541d ago

Ah just one more time and i will be done for today.

LiViNgLeGaCY3541d ago

Why is it you only have one bubble?

lukewind3541d ago

I seriously can't understand why people are so willing to look past the obvious control issues that Killzone 2 has. I was looking forward to KZ2, because I play most FPS's on my 360 and would love to have one on PS3 as well, but after playing the demo over and over again I can't get used to the controls. I changed sensitivity, used alternate settings, but at the end of the day it feel like you are wading through pudding.

I am all for realism in games, but the went a bit too far for me with the controls.

Many people (those not being paid to review the game)have complained over the controls, but somehow these things get buried. I guess the hype behind the game was so large that even Fanboys won't admit to what is wrong.

P.S. I don't think that the controls are horrible, I have played worse, but they lack the kind of fluidity and fun factor that will make sure the game never achieves the kind of following other, better, games have received.

Flame me all you want, but you know it is true.

beavis4play3541d ago

the cover system is great! i'm getting headshots everywhere. and using the run/jump in the warehouse while using just the pistol and melee combat is a blast.
for me, this has nothing to do with "fanboyism". you're either able to handle the game or you're not. if you don't like the game.........don't play it.

oh, and lukewind......complain all YOU like, but you know you're wrong.

tharealest3541d ago

Sucks to be a 360 or Wii owner right about now..