Gamezine Hands-On: Halo Wars

Chris Capel at Gamezine 'Any Halo game is an important release for the Xbox 360, and finally Microsoft have managed to expand the series away from its traditional FPS roots. The question is; does anyone care about a Halo RTS?

Back in the '90s, Command & Conquer was the definitive RTS that everyone tried to copy. Thus the 'Scourge of the Strategy Game,' or the C&C clone, was born. It wasn't until the likes of Total Annihilation and Shogun: Total War that the RTS started to evolve and developers stopped copying Westwood/EA and started trying to beat them (I'm going somewhere with this, promise.)

Also back then, Bungie was one of those great RTS innovators. Their Myth games were very well received, and their next strategy envisioned a space marine versus aliens epic on a ring-world called "Halo".

However, at some point an enthusiastic Bungie member pulled the camera down to ground-level and pointed out that "this would be much cooler as a shoot-em-up." Thus (last "thus", honest) the Halo-RTS died and the Halo-shooter was born.

Now we've come full circle, except Bungie isn't the developer, Age of Empires dev Ensemble is. Sadly, this Halo RTS feels very much like a Command & Conquer clone... '

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lord_of_balrogs3590d ago

Apparently the writer didn't try skirmish set on heroic difficulty. If the AI is set as Regret he'll try to leader rush you with his cleansing power which is really annoying. And if the AI is cutter, if you let him set up a good economy he'll repeatedly send MAC blasts down on your base, and if you're the UNSC it don't bode well as you have almost no defence against the upgraded 4 round MAC burst while if your the convenant you at least have a shield generator which soaks up the damage.

Shaka2K63590d ago

Failo wars is whats gonna save the Xbug 3rd60 this year? really? Flop of The Year confirmed !!!!!!!!