AATG: Resistance 2 Review


"For some, the admittedly excellent multiplayer offerings lift the score a notch, but for me the experience isn't quite top-drawer material. It's fantastic looking, has great set-pieces, handles better, has an expanded and much improved multiplayer experience and continues to engage me with the premise and great enemy designs. But the descent into clichéd space marine territory, the dodgy script, the non-story led co-op modes and the choice to remain at 30 frames per second keep me from giving this the full praise I might otherwise have showered on it."

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Danja3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

and most of the reason this guy points out as cons,,,are totally crappy reason to deduct points..

I mean...ur gonna deduct points because "The developer" choose to keep there game play at a solid you not see those huge monsters and airships in the game...?

ToastyMcNibbles3564d ago

agreed...i dont understand game journalism nowadays...i mean come the f*ck on..deducting points because the developer chose 30 fps? are you serious? im not even gonna comment any further on this review its not worth it but i will say this..if you havent picked up resistance 2 you owe it to yourself to purchase this amazing game...easily one of the best first person shooters i played last year