GameSpot Ranks Tekken 5:DR higher than Virtua Fighter 5 has reviewed Tekken 5:DR which is now available for download on the Playstation Network Store. They ranked it in at 8.3 which is higher than the 8.1 they gave Sega's Next-Gen Brawler Virtua Fighter 5. Hit the jump to read the full review.

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JIN KAZAMA4274d ago

VF is a poor mans Tekken. This comes as no surprise. Just a minor upgraded tekken 5 is better than any other fighter out right now. Yea, its stripped down, but the gameplay and characters are the best by far. Xbots, dont even bring that superficial DOA game up. This is a grea time to be a PS3 owner, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Sony just keeps on rolling with the punches.
PLAY B3YOND. Dont JUMP IN the fire.

Grown Folks Talk4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

just has an old, slow vibe to me. haven't played tekken in a while either. i think it's just to tough to do anything really new in fighters. i think fighters and racers are the hardest to evolve. who knows, maybe something will spring up and surprise everybody.

r10004273d ago

Don't forget First Person Shooters..... those are pretty hard to evolve to...

Siesser4273d ago

Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibour, Powerstone, and even Rival Schools are franchises I hold well above Tekken. But I haven't touched one since Tekken 2, so things may have changed.

But not likely.

Apocalypse Shadow4274d ago

but i prefer VF as a fighter and practice mode. while i prefer TK for it's back story,cinemas and music.

got them,yea for me.!

kingboy4274d ago

Hell no! VF is just too awesome to beaten by this Takken 5,atleast if they said takken 6 i might way

Bill Nye4274d ago

I don't understand Jeff Gerstmann.

He says VF5's fighting is "terrific" and "absolutely top-notch" but gives the gameplay a score of 8? And by giving both VF5 and Tekken scores of 8 for graphics, it leads me to believe that he does not have the capability of perceiving the obvious difference between the two games graphically. After all, Tekken 5 is simply a 1080p port of the arcade game, and the assets show that. And to top it off, the category where Tekken should be getting a higher score (Value) only got an 8 when he makes it a point in the review of what an incredible deal it is to get the game for 20 bucks.

Now I'm not getting either of these games, as I don't even have a PS3, but I recognize discrepancies between a given score and the written review when I see it.

TheMART4274d ago

VF5 is received around the world like a top hit, Tekken 5 the port isn't in that ranking.

Probably the reviewer is a big Tekken fan or so. And to say Tekken is the real fighter and VF is not... I've heard many statements that say it's the other way around.

Looking forward to test VF5 on my 360 and find out what it'll be

traind4273d ago

The Gamespot guys are Tekken fans. It's not like they dislike VF but over the years they have always rated Tekken highly. They gave Tekken 3 a 9.9, Tekken 5 a 9.2, Tekken Tag Tournament a 9.6 etc. I disagree and think Tekken is pretty good but not nearly as accomplished as VF or Soul Calibur(from Namco also). But they are entitled to their opinion. Is is good to know reviewer biases when making purchasing decisions though.

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The story is too old to be commented.