Gears of War Finally Fixed

A crippling bug that prevented anyone, anywhere from playing the game has finally been fixed according to Epic.

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SirLarr3591d ago

That's a shame, the PC port of Gears of War was really well done.

Lich1203591d ago

Yeah, and whats the deal with this guys attitude. I mean, there may not be a huge player base, but most certainly there are more than 5 people afflicted with this. I being one of those said "5".

y0haN3591d ago

I own this game legally and it was the first way I played GoW (PC) and it was absolutely PLAGUED with bugs (save games getting deleted, horrific stuttering) but they fixed those issues eventually, and now this? I can see why so many people are pissed off. As for the "5" people who were affected by this comment, it was a joke, at how many people pirated the game, not how many people play it. I hate pirates with a passion.

iTZKooPA3591d ago

If only they'd make a port of the second one...

Jager3591d ago

They will, if you recall, Epic said that there would be NO PC port of GeoW1... yet low and behold, a port, that was BETTER than the 360 version.

pshizle3591d ago

ya you can get the gears2 port on the pc

y0haN3591d ago

I assume they will one or two years down the line but that's once they are truly done with the 360 version. I gave up waiting on GeOW2 (as a big fan of GeOW1 on the PC) and bought a 360, and haven't regretted it at all, the control scheme, frame rate and interface are all top notch.

italianbreadman3591d ago

Ha. Never even knew there was an issue.

Ixon3591d ago

I, for one, enjoy buying cheap older (obsolete) games.

Icewind Dale is on its way right now! >.>

Shane Kim3591d ago

A typical MS move. Forcing people to abandon stuff to move on to other. Just like with the original xflop.

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The story is too old to be commented.