PS3 still number one console for Tekken 6

Every Tekken-loving Playstation owner must have felt a bit gutted when it was revealed that the Tekken series was also being ported to Xbox 360 this year -- another Playstation exclusive series to lose its exclusivity.

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CaliGamer3563d ago

Let the hate and flaming begin. This is sure to cause some buzz, better take cover. LOL.

gamesmaster3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

i'd say i lean towards my ps3 more than my 360, but i'm not excited about this game to be honest. SFIV will get my money (if i ever wanted a fighter that is)

PixlSheX3563d ago

Yeah, MS is beign runned by monkeys.

Israfel3563d ago

Son's of back stabbing B!tches.

That being said, I'm going to enjoy playing this on my Xbox360.

eagle213563d ago

PS3 pad is best for Tekken.

chaosatom3563d ago


PS3 is not Screwed after all. It's the 360 instead!

gamesmaster3563d ago

israfel are you schizophrenic? i think there's two fanboys arguing in your head.

chaosatom3563d ago (Edited 3563d ago )

"We can also expect some cool graphical effects that will push the power of the PS3 to deliver intense visuals at 60 frames per second."

They are Using SPE to the MAX!! (ok not to the Max, but they are using it to make the game a lot better.)

spunnups3563d ago

“The game was programmed on PS3 architecture and specifically designed to make full use of the Cell’s SPU. So it’s going to be a big challenge to bring the game to the Xbox 360,” he told PSU.

that is great to hear. Same goes with FF13. As long as games are made on the PS3 first, and Blu Ray is is used to their advantage, I dont care where it's ported after that.

Marquis_de_Sade3563d ago

A cross platform comparison will be interesting with this one.

thats_just_prime3562d ago (Edited 3562d ago )

He's doin an interview with a ps only mag all he is really doin is PR. If he was doing an interview with a 360 mag sure hed be hyping it up for 360 owners. Oh and not once does he say the game will be better on the ps3 then the 360. All he really said about the ps3 vs sthe 360 is that it hard to port games cause of the cell chip. We already knew this anyways cause tons of devs have said that it hard to port game from the 360 to the ps3 for the same reason.

ps921173562d ago

do to his username I can assure you he has being mentally raped before, so very likely he is schizophrenic.

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Bumpmapping3563d ago

Tekken is one of my favriote Fighters it's great 2 know us PS fans get the superior version and we will allways have superior D-pad.

Kushan3562d ago

"Every Tekken-loving Playstation owner must have felt a bit gutted when it was revealed that the Tekken series was also being ported to Xbox 360 this year"

Question: Why? Why does it bother you so much that it's no longer an exclusive? You're still going to get the game on PS3, you're still going to be able to play it and enjoy it all the same, so why is it a problem? Why do you care?

Harry1903563d ago

You screwed up. Tekken should have been a launch day title like all the other Tekkens. The game does not looks very good either. I will still get it, but there is no way it looks beter than VF5 which has been out for 2 years.

The character models in Killzone 2 look on par in terms of detail to Zafina (lame character), Bob ( cool character), Leo-copycat and that other guy with the nonsensical hairdo.

pwnsause3563d ago

well, i played it in the arcade the other day, it looked pretty good

chaosatom3563d ago

It looks like they are about get started on the 360 version.

aaron58293562d ago

Tekken 6. But then again, someone already said that.

anubis123563d ago

yes it is....fact still remains is that it will be on the 360 :D

spunnups3563d ago

yes, but it will be a port. both consoles benefit when you produce a game on the PS3 first.