BITMAPS 65: Killzone 2 a Waste of Time?

The reviews so far have been laudatory in a numeric sense. However the text of the reviews seems to be less than superlative. They all say the game is fantastic, sure, but their main points boil down to the following:

* The game looks really nice.
* You shoot a lot of things.

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rucky3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Yeah like 99.9% of other fps' out there. Bring on the hate cause you can't stop the PS3 f*ckers.

GWAVE3538d ago

Sony fans called it:

Journalists would rag on Killzone 2 for being "not all that innovative" despite the awesome graphics, awesome physics, and fun gameplay. Suddenly "innovative" would be the most important thing for an FPS, even though such a complaint was never uttered for the likes of Halo 3, Resistance 2, CoD4...the list goes on.

Journalists fail for being so obviously slanted.

italianbreadman3538d ago

I think it's perfectly fair to fault a game for lack of innovation, while on the whole, maintaining that the game does a very good job at re-treading old ground.

Many big-name titles on all platforms are guilty of this. Just because one person may see them as a "waste of time" doesn't mean that they are bad games. Perhaps for someone seeking novelty at every turn they would be a waste, but for those who love the sort of gameplay in that particular genre, the simple refinement of those existing mechanics might be exactly what they want to spend time playing

Peekay3538d ago

then I think this guy should wait until he gets the full game and then do a logical review about it no??

PoSTedUP3538d ago

killzone2 "waste of time" is the stupidest question i have ever herd. might as well say- VIDEO GAMES: waste of time?

Killjoy30003538d ago

That was perfect. It's good to have a little blatant hostility around here once in a while. I respect people like me that don't try to hide behind long-ass point arguments to get their hate or dissatisfaction across. You just come out and say it. +Bubbles. :)

stevenhiggster3538d ago

I got one word for that guy (or is it 2?), Fanboy!

CaseyRyback_CPO3538d ago

The FPS genre is generic to start with, Halo innovated nothing that wasn't done on PC before it, and most certainly COD4 innovated bubkiss. BUT look at the reviews for those titles vs Killzone2.

Halo3 - Question Innovation of the FPS genre? NO.
COD4 & 5 - Question Innovation of the FPS Genre? NO
HL2/OrangeBox Re-Relase- Question Innovation of the FPS Genre? NO

other non FPS's

Gears of war, Question the Innovation of Third Person shooting? Nope.

Every PS3 game under the sun:

- Reviewers must ask "IF ITS WORTH IT?" As if a PS3 game must be SUPER worth it to buy it.
- Reviewers must compare PS3 games to every game ever made on any consoles and it must control the exact same as all games as well.
- Reviewers must question if the PS3 title changes the world around them as they know it.

I would have NO problem with that standard if the 360's #1 games werent rehashes of the previous versions with absolutely no innovation, but the case here is that the PS3 titles are all seriously nit-picked over, when Gears2 gets a pass for adding 2 more players to Multiplayer, and bots(horde). Please.

It doesn't bother me that much, because I enjoy the games. But the media really needs to drop this unrealistic expectations for PS3 titles, especially when they deliver second to none graphics(as advertised) Great online, which is free. And a high number of "AAA" titles.

The facts about kz2 and what sony said about it are 100% true, no one can argue it, and these guys are just too immature to just give props and wait for Microsofts "killzone" killer in terms of what KZ2 offers.

FireJackal3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

The thing that really pisses me off is whem Guerrilla tries to innovate with the game passing,fell, art direction and how the guns fell and react,them people says thats is broken requesting the same thing that the other shooters have and these same people say that the game doesn't innovate =/
And one more thing for you to ask yourself,what's innovation?

Exquisik3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

But it seems to me that the media and critics are nitpicking and bashing KZ2 at every chance they got. I'd never once seen such negativity from the media in regard to one game before. As Casey mentioned, other games are getting a passed for not being innovative, but KZ2 is being called out for it.

When Halo 3 came out, critics were praising at how innovative Forge and Theater were. And when Madden implemented the Franchise Management (or was it Owner?) feature, again the game got praised for being innovative. But yet when GG implemented the first (at least to me, correct me if I'm wrong) Clan Management system in game (you can manage your clan roster, set up matches against other clan, and even have a calender for your clan members to know about upcoming events), a betting system for clan, and a cover system in an FPS game (well done too if I may add), critics are now saying that those are not innovative and didn't bring anything new to the table.

Thanks to KZ2, we can now see why Gaming Journalism is on the decline and their opinions can be taken with more grain of salt than others opinions.

hay3538d ago

I will willingly waste my time with Killzone 2.

Giriath3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

Exactly. The standards suddenly got insane before Killzone 2 got out. Now every shooter needs to have co-op, revolutionize the genre, have as good as or better graphics than Killzone 2 while not having a single low-res texture or other "issue" and no swearing even though intended and making sense in the context of the game.

Otherwise it won't be getting anywhere near a perfect score and even generate article titles like "[insert game name] a Waste of Time?".

Oh, and doing something like being the first FPS to have cover while in first person and having a dynamically switching mission based multiplayer won't be enough to be considered as "doing something new". And even though it must revolutionize the genre with ideas granted by Rex God and directed by Raptor Jesus, it must still be an arcade shooter and feel like COD4! No fiddling with the movement or aiming momentum, no no.


Good Luck and Have Fun shooter developers. Drop what you are doing and adjust accordingly.

italianbreadman3538d ago

If what you're saying is so, then what do you make of this:

Only ONE outlet rated this game anything less than an 80%
Isn't that universal acclaim? Maybe there are small nit-picks within the overwhelmingly positive full-text versions of these articles, but I don't really see as much negativity as you say there is.

As for other games being called out on lack of innovation, Halo 3, Resistance 2, Gears 2, and especially CoD5 certainly were called out, as are MANY other games.

My point was simply that even if a game does use tried-and-true gameplay elements (which the author is less than impressed by), it can still be a very good game. Apparently (to me, at least), most reviewers seem to feel the same way; they think that the 92% perfect Killzone 2 is one of the best games out there.

callahan093538d ago

"I don't want to play this game because I've been there and done that." OK, so when Halo ODST comes out, gives us the same report. When Resident Evil 5 comes out, give us the same report. I didn't see this guy posting any articles saying that RE5 has the exact same gameplay as RE4, only this time you have a co-op partner (which does not in any way effect the way in which you go about exploring, collecting items, and shooting zombies, based on the demo experience). It plays just like RE4. Period. If it's good enough for the RE series to bring us back to what we've already done, but do it better this time... then it's good enough for Killzone 2. Stop being haters, people, and realize that this game does what was fun in the past, and does it better, and it's FUN.

callahan093538d ago

And besides all that, this game relies on a cover system in its single player campaign THAT HAS NEVER BEEN DONE IN AN FPS. That's new, and it's not a gimmick, it's extremely important to the gameplay and progression. Also, the controls (the weight of the character and the realism of the aiming and movement) are so different from what you're used to in an FPS (as evidenced by all the complaints from people who found it tough to get used to compared to, say, Resistance, Halo, or Call of Duty) that - I'd once again argue - is very much different from the herd.

Genki3538d ago

but it isn't fair to fault a game based upon lack of innovation, because such a term is merely a concept, it's not something you can receive satisfaction from as a result of playing the game.

How does one define innovation, and how does innovation affect a gameplay experience in and of itself? Sometimes, innovation can simply be a lame, unimaginative idea...but it's still new and fresh. Simply based upon this I don't see how adding a potentially half-baked gameplay gimmick should garner a game more acclaim. Innovation isn't automatically a satisfactory and well-done implementation...just like anything else in life it does indeed SUCK sometimes, but we here tend to get caught up with it as a positive buzzword, and I'd be willing to bet that if you asked 50 people what the word meant to them, you would get 50 different definitions. That should tell you something.

Fun is the most important part of a game. Innovation doesn't, can't, and never will dictate any part of that. Well implemented, detailed, and functional gameplay elements dictate fun, not innovation, because like I said earlier, what one would consider innovative, another person may find to be a lame, poorly implemented gimmick.

It surprises me that such a vague term has been swept up as part of the "bullet list" of features that are required for a game now...nobody can give a clear cut definition of what exactly they mean when they say they want innovation, but everyone clamors for it like it's as necessary as bread and water.

jBat173538d ago

any game is a waste of time according to my girlfriend.. when she wants something from me while i'm playing.. haha..

how about gaylo 3??? their main points boil down to the following:

* The game looks really nice?... NOT. 640p, it's not even HD.
* You shoot a lot of things. which you miss because of laggy p2p.

FrankenLife3538d ago

I want every single one of these critics that complain that it plays just like every other fps, to make the same complaints come the time CoD:MW2 comes out. You know that in it, just like every other fps you shoot wave after wave of enemies.

pain777pas3538d ago

Why is N4G the king site for flamebait?

GameGambits3538d ago

So these guys are mad that they didn't get a review copy and that they haven't used any paychecks to get a PS3 yet? Now with the failed economy a new system is out of the question with their overall terrible income.

Boohoo. Guess what? The secret is out: Killzone 2 is the next big thing in terms of what game you should be playing with friends in your free time.

acedoh3538d ago

care so much about innovation per se then they should be all over the Wii. Since the Wii is all about innovation with it's motion controls and different style games. If that's what it's all about then that would be the case. Instead a group of writers are looking for excuses and tired arguments to bring down Killzone 2... I don't know why this didn't happen with Call of Duty World at War which is exactly the same as Modern Warfare but just with different environments. We as gamers constantly get franchises that turn out the same games every year and yet they are constantly praised as amazing and fresh. Yet Killzone 2 comes to life and brings out a new form of immersion and realism we have never seen before and people want to criticize over and over...

Why did this not happen to Halo 3 which is exactly the same as it's predecessors??? Why was that game able to skate away freely with amazing scores? I don't have any understanding what is going on today. It is rather upsetting that a group of so called journalists are doing nothing more than trying to undermine many of the PS3 exclusives and even multiplatform games.

When Killzone 2 upends the market and creates a whole new culture on the PS3 I think that is what so many 360 warriors fear.. In a little over two weeks the hardcore videogame culture will be changing and there is no stopping this train.

ProperFunked3537d ago

never thought i'd see a A/DA ratio like that!! 70 agrees and 2 disagrees (and counting)

gnarly.....*dumb founded*

Beardown823537d ago

I'm not sure why everyone is looking for this game to revolutionize the FPS genre. If it's a good game that plays well with better graphics than any other FPS out there, then it deserves the scores it is receiving. I didn't see the gears of war or halo franchises doing anything great or revolutionary the second or even third time around, but no one had a problem with that. It sounds like whoever wrote this article doesn't even own a PS3 anyway, so they have no room to talk. Just more flame bait.......XBOX 360 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teabag3537d ago

I don't think it is really useful to call every opinion that raises issues with Killzone 2 hate. I think that:

* Killzone 2 is not innovative
* Guerilla never said it was going to be innovative
* Nobody else ever said that it was going to be innovative
* There has been some much hype, that people still expected something innovative

The people that expected something innovative were wrong, and Killzone 2 is a probably a great game, but is not above and beyond any other game. Again, nobody exactly said it was going to be, but the hype causes people to expect something amazing (no smoke without fire).

This is why it is averaging 92% on Metacritic. It is a good game just not groundbreaking in any particular area.

None of this is hate, it is just people not agreeing with the hype, now that we have at least had a peep at the game, and the reviewers have seen a lot of it.

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brycespitler3538d ago

he is the person who does the review than ill lose alot of respect for this site

pretty sure they can have someone review it who is at least interested in playing it.

predator3538d ago

Im sure they will don't worry

ape0073538d ago

lol,I played the demo more than 30 times,it wastes a lot of time

can you imagine much time will be wasted with the final version,specially online

killzone 2+exams(in ksa)=BIG :(

talltony3538d ago

Killzone 2 does innovate with the cover system, that has never been done in a FPS while staying in FP view. Also the online is Cod 4 mixed with Team Fortress 2. How Does that not innovate????

SeanScythe3538d ago

Wow so I guess he hate's games like Half-life1/2, Doom, Halo's, COD's, and every other game that has a gun in it. He should stop playing games now and stick to "Barbie: Be Ken Her Bltch" on the Whineygame console.

Fishy Fingers3538d ago

Definitely! I reckon I'll "waste" a few hundred hours in the multiplayer :)

iAmPS33538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

That is a completely useless article, he is talking about 99.99% of all FPS shooters, why pick on killzone 2 then, they all have guns and they shoot things. You freaking [email protected]!!!!!

BGDad3538d ago

This article is just pathetic I feel bad for the 360 at this point... Dont even hype Halo wars either I have a 360 and that game sucked... If you even like RTS games then youd be looking at Diablo.

RussDeBuss3538d ago

someones after hits, using this guys logic, why play another driving game, they all do the same thing, car goes round the track, race finishes, start new race. i'm gonna go back to outrun on the spectrum. i don't need gt5:p and forza 2 and motorstorm.
and hell, for fps, i'm going back to wolfenstein 3d on my old 486dx40

Kleptic3538d ago

I agree with the article...I HATE first person shooters where all you do is 'shoot' things...that is the biggest thing I hate about this genre...

I also hate articles that have nothing but 'words'...what is that about?...I want to see random symbols and shapes, not just letters arranged in a way that they make words and sentences...when I go to a site to read something, I don't want to be given just words...

rbrtchng3538d ago

Why breathe? Why blink?

But yeah, a lot of these xbot reviews are sounding more and more desperate by saying that all FPS's suck so Killzone2 sucks.

But I gotta agree with the title. YES. I will waste a lot of my time on Killzone 2, pwning noobs.

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