ZTGD Review: Ultimate Band

ZTGD writes:

"If Rock Band had a sibling...
With the popularity of rhythm games at an all time high, it's no surprise that everyone is trying to cash in. However no one had yet set the lucrative "Tween" demographic in their "Band Game" marketing cross hairs. Enter Disney (who else) with Ultimate Band for the Wii. The ultimate family friendly console gets a family friendly band game to call its own, and while the game will turn off the hardcore Rock Band/Guitar Hero audience, it's competent enough to draw in the audience it's looking for.

Ultimate Band follows a band of your creation on a quest to be top dogs at the Rock Dome. The story is done in the typical Disney style (no drugs or groupies for this rock band), and should be a treat for younger gamers weaned on shows like Hannah Montana. You'll pick hairstyles, clothes, and other accessories for your band mates, and outfit your band with an official logo. The character models match the overall style of the game very well, and the game features a pretty good selection of customization options."

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