3 on 3 NHL Arcade skates onto Xbox Live this week

EA's action-packed, arcade-style hockey game, "3 on 3 NHL Arcade" will be coming to Xbox Live later this week after being exclusively released on the Playstation Network last week.

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The Captain3564d ago

This game is kick ass and very addictive!! I have it for the PS3.

xjoshbx3564d ago

Time flies when playing this game because you get so into it. for 9.99 it's a steal.

fafoon3564d ago

Very much fun and addictive
Just havin trouble scorin
Hav'nt won a game yet

xjoshbx3564d ago

Here's a handy tip if your playing with a partner on the same team as you.

One of you slap the crap out of the goalie while the other slaps the shot in once he's on his can.