GameArena: Skate 2 Review


"This review quite clearly addresses people who have played skate.. This is because if you haven't - and you like skateboarding games - Skate 2 is a must buy for you. Once you get passed the admittedly challenging learning curve Skate 2 will blow you away. skate. fans might end up being a tiny disappointed by Skate 2 at first - this certainly isn't the innovative masterpiece the first game was - but taking the time to learn what Skate 2 has to offer will definitely pay off in the long run. The small issues - the clunky walking controls, illogical gameplay choices and the slightly sloppy vert skating controls - aren't enough to make Skate 2 any less than an awesome game, but they do make me worry about the future of the series. Skate 2 isn't a perfectly refined skating experience but you still want to get it - it is genuine fun."

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