The Save Points Review: Tales of Vesperia

TSP writes: "The story is kinda standard. Someday Yuri Lowell, a resident of the Lower Quarters of Zaphias, finds that the Blastia Core(some kinda gem used for protection against monsters and other things, in this case providing the fountain with water) for the Lower Quarter has been stolen and he sets out to retreive it. On the way he's arrested, and while he's making his escape he meets up with a girl named Estellise(Estelle for short) in the castle (who is searching for Yuri's friend), who follows him out of the city. In this world getting out of cities is dangerous because the blastia providing barriers against monsters are inactive and monsters attack people. So basically Yuri is searching for the Blastia Core, Estelle is looking for Flynn (Yuri's friend) and they meet up with a bunch of people on the way. Of course, this is only the basic plot point, and after that's done there's a lot more to do, mostly to do with building a guild and helping Estelle find about herself (because of a monster saying stuff to her) and just find out various things about the world."

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