Metacritic: The Downfall of Free Speech?

Is the open forum of review score aggregates such as Metacritic a license for fanboys to blast critics of a professional and personal level?

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Sasanova3591d ago

derh. thats why i think numerical rating of games should stop all together. noone seems to realize a review is a dam opinion by who knows who. why would i take into consideration what Madden 09 was rated as when i know i hate football? would you care if someone like Gametrailers reviewed a piece of chocolate and told you the good and bad, and rated it a 5 out of 10 when you know you love chocolate? people seem to misinterpret these OPINIONS into god sent facts. prove it to yourself, think back at one of your favorite games of all time, and research online and see what the game got...mine was Breath of Fire 3. the game got around 7.5-8 average and to me its a perfect 10 cus i enjoyed the how does the average rating effect me? it doesnt. all this triple AAA title talk, i dont care how many perfect reviews Halo got, to me, game is garbage and always will be. some of you people take opinions way too im a sony fanboy cus i hate halo, oh boy.

italianbreadman3591d ago

It's unfortunate that there isn't less flaming and more intelligent discourse about games.

Through mature discussion, my eyes have been opened to aspects of games that made them significantly better in my mind, and points that I have brought up in conversation have done the same for other gamers.

That's how it SHOULD be.