Blood Bowl developer: making PS3 version 'a bit risky and expensive'

If you're a PS3-only gamer who happens to be a fan of vintage tabletop gaming, monsters, and football, then you are probably acutely, painfully aware of the lack of Blood Bowl video games in your future. Cyanide is making an Xbox 360 version -- why not use the same assets and codebase for the PS3 like so many others? What's the deal? Does it hate the PS3 or something?

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pwnsause3539d ago

at least they didn't do a Gabe Newell.

Forbidden_Darkness3539d ago

It just proves that Valve aint that great of a developer as their made out to be, if they cant even develope a game for the PS3, while so many other developers can (that arent as great as valve) than it just goes to show you that they are just lazy no good developers

Forbidden_Darkness3539d ago

OMG! this is old, dont any of you take care to see if news is old?

this was just posted a couple days ago!