Game Play: Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming: #16 Zack - Dead or Alive Series

GP writes: "What's up people. For Black History Month, we've decided to cull together a list of the Top 20 Black Characters in Gaming. Counting down from 20, we'll be hitting you with a new one each week day until we get to number 1. Let's get to it:

#16 on TGH'z Top Black Video Game Characters list goes to Zack of the Dead or Alive Series.

This cat Zack… what can we say about this guy? He went from a pretty Non-descript dude in the first version of DOA on the Sega Saturn, to an outlandish punk-rock emo typ guy in DOA2. That's where the connection to the at the time all over the news Dennis Rodman comparisons came about. Not to be outdone, famous (former) Tecmo developer Tomonobu Itagaki, decided to fully convert this Zack guy to a Dennis Rodman clone."

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