PSU review - Flower

"Flower blooms then wilts away

We like

* The excellent implementation of the Sixaxis controller
* The vibrant visuals in the first three levels
* The flowing and hypnotic gameplay

We dislike

* The sudden change of direction after level three
* Having only two hours of gamplay and no replay value"

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jonnyvito3564d ago

That bought the average down

Pennywise3564d ago

PSU is supposed to give PS3 titles an automatic high score... right? lol

SupaPlaya3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )


I've read a review where they liked the "surprise after 3rd level". Seems like it is a love it or hate it type of surprise.

6.5 is a bit low/harsh though compared to the rest of the reviews currently out (mostly 9's).

Johnny Rotten3564d ago

A lot of other people are giving some good praise so this review seems odd?, regardless I'm getting this when it comes out. Flow was a work of art and from the sounds of it this is too!

ThatCanadianGuy3563d ago

F*ck you PSU.Your opinion is worthless.

twdll3559d ago

Worthless review! REALLY! I can honestly say someone is smokin crack over ther. This game is FANTASTIC. Easily one of the best experiences since... shall I say it... Wii sports.