Andy Serkis thinks gaming stories lack heart, sees promise

Andy Serkis has had an interesting career: not only has he enjoyed acting in many traditional roles, he's also provided the motion capture for some of the most famous digital creations in cinema, including both Gollum from the Lord of the Rings films and King Kong from Peter Jackson's take on that classic story. He's also done work in the video game world, providing his singular talent to the PS3 title Heavenly Sword. His thoughts on games? It's time we try harder with the writing.

"Games - there's no heart in them. They're not about anything that is lasting. We put so much into the writing of film scripts and plays, but not into games. And games are where the audience is going to be," he told Babble in a recent interview. "In the next generation of kids, you're going to see a lot of storytelling in games. And I think it's important to invest in that. I absolutely think that gaming is a massive storytelling arena in the making and now the technology has arrived to do that. It's a fascinating time."

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