Sony: 'Resistance Retribution' Does Not Have a $60 Cheat Code

MTV Multiplayer: Players of the upcoming PSP game "Resistance: Retribution" will be able to unlock several otherwise-inaccessible features in the game if they also own the $60 "Resistance 2." Is that a fair deal?


On Friday morning I went to the basement level of a Manhattan restaurant in order to be shown what the PS3 can do for Sony's next big PSP game.

"Resistance: Retribution," a March 17 third-person shooter from Sony Bend, was wired to a PS3 in an alcove that would normally be used to feed a family of four. A flat-screen TV was on the table, and a Sony producer wanted to show me the two ways the PSP and PS3 could connect in order to enhance the handheld game.

A PSP-Plus feature allowed the game to be controlled with a PS3 controller, transferring the controls from the single-stick PSP scheme to a dual-stick via the PS3 controller. The transfer deactivated the game's aim-assist feature. The game's controls page changed to display a PS3 schematic instead of a PSP. I was told the game might control more conventionally this way, but would be more challenging to play.

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