Exclusive: Two New GTA IV: The Lost and Damned Screenshots and Preview

Grand Theft Auto IV took the gaming industry by storm last year, raking in more than $500 million in its first week on store shelves. With nothing better to do outside of flying around in their golden helicopters, Rockstar Games went to work on some new material, affectionately known as "expansion packs" and "downloadable content" within gaming circles. But, if there's anything GTA developers want people to know about their upcoming add-on, it's that you're not just going to be getting a cool new weapon or some clothes to make your game avatar look different. In many ways, you're getting a different game altogether. Move over Niko Bellic, easy rider Johnny Klebitz is making the rounds. (Not too far over, though; you're still cool.)

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DarkSniper3538d ago

Not only this is a waste of Microsoft's funds. But it's truly a waste of any true gamer's time. This re-hash attempt from Rockstar is nothing more than a feeble attempt to launder more funds out of the gullible Microslaves who are socially inept and foolish enough to purchase this.

Dark Sniper would rather wait until true downloadable content comes to his PLAYSTATION®3 Computer Entertainment System. Microsoft should really invest their fund allocation to first party titles and new, refreshing IP to keep the gaming industry as invigorating as it is on Sony's side.