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Sony outlines widespread Home support

MCV Writes: Disney, Activision, Konami and others join growing list of those backing Sony's virtual world service.

The Japanese arm of Sony has revealed a number of the high-profile games companies that have currently signed up for licenses to develop content for the firm's growing virtual world service PlayStation Home.

Big-hitting backers such as EA, Capcom and Ubisoft had already been announced, and Siliconera reports that they have been joined by the likes of Activision, Sega, Disney, Konami and Namco.

Also signing up are a number of more specialist Japanese firms including R-Type dev Irem, RPG innovators Nippon Ichi, Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment and hardcore traditionalists SNK.

The full list of current licensees is available after the link.

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madpuppy3540d ago

Home is interesting, but, it won't really be great until you can do what I used to read about being able to do with it. go to a "war room" with your friends and setup a multiplayer game and launch from home. I thought that would actually be useful. maybe more free interesting games. the red bull game seems kinda' neat. more areas to explore would be nice, I really would love to go to that pier that is outside the window of the harbor apartment, maybe be able to go into that giant yacht. have boat races and fishing games with the ability to have competitions.

Pennywise3540d ago

Game launching needs to be implemented already. As home stands right now, its pretty pointless from a gamer view.

Its a great place to socialize, but I havent been back to home since the closed beta ended.

madpuppy3539d ago

When I am bored I usually log into Home to see if there have been any meaningful changes. I usually logout no more than ten min. later. there is just not enough to do, and watching all those retards flock around female avatars and dance like idiots starts to grate after a while.

getting friends together and setting up games and launching them is what home needs, then it may become useful to gamers.

By the way, Pennywise, do you all still float down there?

Sheikh Yerbouti3540d ago

I know Persona 4 is coming to PS2, but what does Atlus have coming for the PS3. I consider them a handheld developer mostly.