GCHD: Flower Review: PSN game gets nearly perfect score

GCHD Writes: "In summation, although it isn't perfect, Flower represents some of the best innovation gaming currently has to offer. Its underlying themes are powerfully envisioned, and comment on such issues as environmental responsibility, propagation, and regeneration. No longer content to remain a popcorn medium, the new thrust in gaming finds itself engaged in the concerns of mass society. Games like Flower demonstrate that the industry is growing up. Artistic vision and revolutionary game play mechanics make the game an easy recommendation for PS3 owners looking for something other than the norm."

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MURKERR3541d ago

is the place for different! ill be blasting helgast one minute then floating like a petal in serenity and tranquility

NedBraden3541d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to this as well.Its received nothing but rave reviews so far, at least from what I've seen. Can't say I was overly impressed by FlOw, but this appears to be more of a "must play" experience overall.

Shane Kim3541d ago

Innovation, only possible with Sony and PS3.