Blastmagazine Preview: Halo Goes to War

Blastmagazine: Visually, the game shines-packed with detail, the landscape of Harvest looks just like a Halo environment should. Bases bustle with activity, featuring flashing lights and hovering transports, and the exteriors of damaged buildings and units convincingly reflect their conditions. Warthogs move just like warthogs, which only served to remind me how much more I'd prefer to drive one than control one from afar. Weapons sound like they should, and the orchestral score picks up at all the right times, though the voice work is somewhat lackluster.

The Halo Wars demo may have made me pine for a lengthy Halo 3 session, but it also heightened my previously feeble sense of anticipation for the game's March 3rd release. Ensemble's parting effort appears on track to deliver an experience over which RTS veterans and console shooter fans can bond, which should add to the popular franchise's already impressive legacy.

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