Community Vibes 4: Godfree and Peterocc Interview

I had the oppertunity to talk to Godfree and Peterocc from at the monthly lan party. We played some Gears of War 2 and talked about their up coming event Community Vibes 4. Check it out, you might hear something MAJOR (hint hint) in th interview.

What was discussed:

* Community Vibes 4
* How they made it.
* How to get your name out there
* Beef between sites
* Gamertag Radio & MTV
* Gaming Convention coming to Miami

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Stretch323590d ago

Community vibes is gona be dope. They givin away free games and its free.

blackboyunltd3590d ago

Yeah son. I'm walking away with at least 4 games. And they're giving away systems and limited edition zunes

KeemJ3590d ago

They will be giving away free systems and stuff. will be there too giving away free stuff as well as having a GoW2, COD:[email protected] and Halo 3 tournament.