Eidos drops casual games studio

Tomb Raider publisher Eidos has severed ties with its casual studio Gimmie5games.

Gimmie5games was part of the Morpheme Games Studio picked up in 2007, and now becomes an independent team continuing its focus on web and casual markets.

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Dark General3564d ago

It's sad that people had to lose their job but i'm kind of glad. Eidos should focus on bringing out and getting right Deus Ex 3 and the eventual next Hitman game.

dragunrising3564d ago

The loss of jobs is unfortunate however I also would like to see more hardcore games (cough Deus Ex 3).

Dark General3564d ago

Hell i'd go even further and say they should bring out a new Legacy of Kain game as well.

dragunrising3564d ago

A remake of Soul Reaver 1 & 2 would be great. Eidos has plenty of IP they should have never forgotten about.

Cajun Chicken3564d ago

Akuji the Heartless would also be a great franchise to reboot.

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