Animales De La Muerte Put On Hold, Not Coming To WiiWare

High Voltage Software (The Conduit, Gyrostarr) revealed Animales De La Muerte, a cutesy cartoon bloodbath top-down shooter for Nintendo's WiiWare platform (originally), several months ago to The title looked to be extremely promising even in the early stages.

However, word broke during the New York Comic Con, where High Voltage was showing off The Conduit, that the game has been put on hold largely due to WiiWare's 40MB limit on game size. Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer at High Voltage, said it just couldn't fit in that small space due to the games 'focus on comedy and its accompanying large quantity of audio'.

So the game's on hold for now and the only other prospects are move to disc, or switch consoles. How do you Wii owners out there feel about this loss?

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