Top Ten Reasons New Game Consoles Suck

GameDaily blogger LarryC isn't too happy with next-gen gaming.

"It's been a while now since the "next generation" consoles have come out and the sales numbers are in. Nintendo Wii is winning but the Microsoft Xbox 360 is selling games. The Sony PlayStation 3? Well we still have to wait and see. Me, I'm just pissed off with whole thing!"

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FordGTGuy4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

10)What to do with old consoles?

Trade them in or sell them to help buy the new one.

9. All Your Friends Play Old Consoles, While You Play Alone On the New One.

Whos problem is this? Atleast you know that when they get the new system you can already have it.

8. HDTV Is the Reason For the "Next" In Next Gen.

(he goes on to say that a HDTV is 2000-5000$) which is total BS you can get a very nice LCD for cheap now.

7. This Thing Is Cool Only If People Are Over

This has nothing to do with Next-Gen consoles.

6. The Old One Had it? How Come This One Doesn't?

(he says no rumble)This is Sony's choice and again has nothing to do with next-gen consoles.

5. Does It Really Have to Be This Cute?

Again nothing to do with Next-Gen Consoles

4. Play Online? Who Has That Many Friends?

Again nothing to do with Next-Gen Consoles(he just ranted at how he doesn't like the idea of actual having to get friends)

3. It's Too Goddamn Expensive

Again nothing to do with Next-Gen Consoles. Haven't you ever seen the price comparisons between today and yesterdays consoles? You'll be surprised to find out that they are cheaper now then before.

2. You Can't Find One

Its a new gen give me a break and again has nothing to do with next-gen consoles.

1. There Are No Good Games

This guy is just dumb.......

I said that it has nothing to do with next-gen consoles mostly because he complained about either individual consoles, individual features, or HDTVs. While he said he made it sound like he was going to make 10 reasons why as a whole(wii, ps3, and x360) sucked.

Guys don't just approve anything this isn't news and should be refused.

Merovee4251d ago

What a nancy boy. Boo Hoo I hate waiting for people to buy thing that are new so we can play them together. Iwant a hand vibrator. I wish all the games that would ever be made for new consoles was out from day one *sobs*.

And raging on Miis? Seriously , is anyone that insecure about their masculinity? For god sakes dude grow a pair!

wildcat4251d ago

How did this get on the front page? His points are useless.

power0919994251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

This is not a very good article.

I just do not see why this was posted, but I will at least give my take on each of the statments.

10. I gave my old console to charity. At least it goes to good use. A 5 - 6 year old PC can still be used... but for what? A file server? Mmmk.

9. All of my friends are not the reason I bought a Next Gen console. I bought it because of the millions of friends I CAN MAKE.

8. I saw a 1080p rear projection going for 1400 bucks at best buy. Yeah it's expensive but so is a 50" Computer monitor.

7. The Wii is targeted at "party" gaming. If you want to play it alone then go get Zelda.

6. My last computer had a Floppy drive. This media is pretty close to dead, if not dead already. I will miss the floppy but will adapt to the new standard. That's the way technology goes.

5. Cute.... I kind of agree with this. However for the family based Wii this is a good thing.

4. This guy really has issues with friends, and video gaming.

3. Too expensive? Compaired to what? The last time a built a computer that was capable enough to play up to date games, I spent about $1500. I am not complaing because I love my computer, and I love keeping it up to date. But there is no argument to have with this.

2. New video card comes out, it is on back order until there is proper supply. This is the way EVERYTHING works. Supply and Demand.

1. Seriously? No good games?

Well he is entitled to his opinion, but some of his points just don't make any sense.

Ah well.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4251d ago

No sh!t this guy needs to smoke a joint or something and calm down. If he hates next gen then maybe he should give his consoles to some real gamers.

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r10004251d ago

I kind of agree with his number 4 point. "playing online" Online is great here and there... but to much emphasis is thrown

10-15 years ago some of the best games were being made and "online" play wasn't even a thought"

frostbite064250d ago

Its the challenge of being the best. 10-15 years ago you thought you were the greatest super mario 3 player. That is untill you saw that asian kid beat it in 10 minutes. Ever try playing counter strike or halo online.

Voodoochild4251d ago

This guy lost me when he stated that it is to G/D expensive. What an dumb A$$!!! Well he lost me before that, but I lost all respect for him with that statement.

Sphinx4251d ago

This guy doesn't have any friends or something. I love to play online with friends and family, and meet different people online, too. Besides that, I love my HDTV... which cost less than $1,000.

Whoooop4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

That article was stupid, No sense at all.. It was clearly a way for him to express some anger i think..

r1000 - 26 Minutes ago..... mmm well about playing online i think it depends on how much time you have in your hands to really appreciate online gaming..

I thought that online gaming was a waste of time until i tried one of the BEST ONLINE GAMING EXPERIENCE in my opinion.. Counter Strike and let me tell you the hype is real... Online gaming can be very, very addictive when you get the hang of it..

Xbox Live was something i would love to have on my PS3 and now finally something like it, is shaping up..


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