1UP: Flower Review

1UP writes:

"The game is wholly enjoyable from start to finish. I even found myself replaying some of the previous levels just to let my petals waft in the air, my controller sitting untouched on the desk while I worked. The game's short -- the seven areas only take about two to three hours to finish on the first try (if you don't play it obsessively like I do). But it's a joy to revisit each stage -- the freedom of movement makes the game feel as relaxing as a gently wafting breeze. The challenge is there for those who seek it, but Flower is something everyone can enjoy."

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meepmoopmeep3590d ago

can't wait to get this game.
been interested in it since it was first revealed.

MasFlowKiller3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

i have the worlds first complement to Sixaxis in a game:

"The Sixaxis control is wonderfully fuss-free. At no time did I feel like I had to fight the controls. And honestly, while in the midst of a level, I hardly thought about the lump of plastic in my hands"

meepmoopmeep3590d ago

that's awesome, i'm glad the put it to good use.

Sixaxis can be really cool depending how developers incorporate it into their games.

Cwalat3590d ago

Will buy it first day,

this is the only studio i support no matter what game they release.

meepmoopmeep3590d ago

uhh.. what about Q-Games/Pixel Junk?

i found their games have been awesome
can't wait to see what they've got in store next

Lifendz3590d ago

hope there's a demo. Would love to pick it up but between school and KZ2, SF4, and gamefly games (Prince of Persia at the moment), I simply have no time. Darn you Sony for having so many games!!!

Oh yeah, great score btw. PSN really has some quality games available for purchase.

SRU96003590d ago

Will a demo be available, or will it be like 98% of the other PSN titles and not have a demo? : /

No demo = no purchase for me.

mrdxpr23590d ago

this is a good game but i need a demo to see if the gamplay is worth it... one of the games ive been waiting since anounced is eyepet :: but still nothing....but this review is good for flower jsut have to wait

hay3590d ago

I was sure I buy it. Now I'm even "surer".

Danja3590d ago

nice was always planning on getting this game ne ways , good top see devs still using the six-axis ...welcome change

FireJackal3590d ago

Yea me too =]
The game just fells so natural and relaxing.
One thing that would be great if they put in the game is custom sound track.
Anyway this game is going to be awesome.

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WhittO3590d ago

Wow this is a really high score for just a PSN game!!

Higher than most "normal" games haha.

Yep im buying this game, i dont get when people have problems with the sixaxis controls and why developers always say its a gimmik, its there to be used as an additional option, how can it in anyway be a negative!!

she00win993590d ago

wow! what happen to 1up these days, did they hit there heads or something? first the gave killzone an "A" now, flower?

meepmoopmeep3590d ago

maybe it was the layoffs.
i thought they were closing down.

3590d ago
baraka0073590d ago

I wasn't expecting this game to score well... but with kz2 sf4 fear2 RE5 im going to be out of time for a minute... maybe by summer i'll be able to check it out.

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