Totalplaystation: Flower Review

Quick, what was the most-downloaded game of 2007 on the PSN? Super Stardust HD? PixelJunk Monsters? PAIN? Nope, it was flOw, arguably the least game-like of the releases that year (for the record, PAIN would go on to be 2008's biggest PSN download). The follow-up from flOw developer thatgamecompany, Flower is at once a continuation of the basic concepts of their first PS3 game and a marked departure in many ways.

The Verdict 9.0

An absolutely brilliant game, and one that does more to stir the emotions than any AAA epic you've like played in recent memory. If this isn't art, I'm not sure games can be art.

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thereapersson3542d ago

and a beautiful work of art, to boot.

I love ThatGameCompany's stuff!

Nineball21123542d ago

This game looks really intriguing. I also purchased Linger in Shadows and enjoyed that "game", so I think I'll like Flower as well.

himdeel3542d ago

I forgot this came out this week. Very excited!!

coolfool3542d ago

it definitely sounds like something I could appreciate and, maybe even more so, something my girlfriend will appreciate.


KrazyFace3542d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this! In my opinion, this is the way games should be moving. New, innovative, something that can't be re-created in any other kind of media.

Can't wait.