Gamer Larisa Burdeynaya interview

Mildly interesting interview. Very interesting photo gallery.

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grifter0244437d ago

Wow ok Pointless much! Goodjob Ironwolf for this pointless news... She's a gamer cause she says sooo.. HAHA about a waste of a news article....Pathetic

uxo224437d ago

Haha when would she have time to play video games, she looks pretty busy with her soft porn hobby. Maybe that's the concept, take nude photos while playing with your wii wii.

jpod4437d ago

i <3 the photos. that was about it.

GaMr-4437d ago

She has one NICE RACK... did you see those things... they scream GOT MILK???

grifter0244436d ago

YA that is true GAMR I am starting to like your Pic's seem's like she's got an Onion booty.