Xbox Peer Pressure Sparks "Crime Wave"

Spong Writes: Local press jumps on anti-games bandwagon.

A 16-year old has committed a series of misdemeanours that have been described as a "crime wave" after apparently succumbing to peer pressure on an Xbox Forum.

The one-lad lead "crime wave" wasn't quite on the scale of anything from GTA (which was predictably mentioned several times in coverage by local publication The Norwich Evening News). It constituted £10,000 of damage done to vehicles over a 24 hour period in November.

Investigating PCSO (Police Community Support Officier), Bob Hall, said, "When I spoke to people in the area there was a very strong suspicion about this lad. When I spoke to him he admitted he had done it and said he had been dared to go out and damage cars in an online Xbox club."

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DavidMacDougall3536d ago

OMFG!!!! .......hes stupid not the xboxs fault. But maybe it told him in his dreams?

Llort3536d ago

Buy an Xbox, become an idiot.

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