Neocrisis: WTF Moment - Gears of War 2

Neocrisis writes:

"This game is AMAZING", that's the first thing I said when playing the early chapter of this game. But, after I finished the game, I discovered that there's 2 boss fight that's disappointing, well, no offense, this is just my opinion. If you haven't finished the game, and a spoiler hater, I suggest you stop reading from here.

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peeps3540d ago

dunno if it's worthy of news, especially this late after release but yeh i couldn't stop moaning to my mates after o completed it because of that final boss.

the first game had raam who was crazy hard on insane and envolved certain tactics/precise aiming and so when i got to the final boss on gow2 i was like wow this is 'bigger, better and more badass' and then you hit it once or twice with the hammer of dawn and bam this collosal boss is finished. I just wanted a big boss fight to end what was arguably a much bigger/varied campaign to the first. Just a shame it had such an anti-climactic ending.

AngryHippo3540d ago

....the boss ending was pretty damn lame. The campaign in general was great fun and so much better than the original but the ending left a lot to be desired. I am sure Gears 3 will address this issue and give us a boss fight to remember.

jazzking20013540d ago

i wonder if K2 will get a WTF moment lol

peeps3540d ago

well the ending to KZ2 is apparently pretty anti-climactic. Was surprised with gow2 though when you compare it to the original final boss

talltony3540d ago

Gears 2 single player is OK. Its not that good, It might be better than the first but it really is not one of the greatest games ever made. I enjoyed gears 1 online more because it actually had less problems than 2. You dnt need to agree with me if u dnt want too but thats just what i think.
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socomnick3540d ago

how is this news, lame dude from a no name website plays gears 2 , nearly 4 months late doesnt like boss fights, this aint news.

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The story is too old to be commented.